We will negotiate your mortgage directly with your bank!

Have you ever felt pressured by your bank?

Do you not trust the banks are giving you their best mortgage rate and term?

Don’t like to negotiate?

Find it a hassle to move your mortgage?

We will negotiate a better mortgage rate on your purchase, refinance, and renewal, with lower payout penalties, lower blended rates, etc.

The Mortgage Centre KW specialists will shop the market and, if you wish, we will negotiate with your bank.

If you intend to stay with the bank that is currently holding your mortgage, we will negotiate a better deal (rate, term, penalties, etc.) after you have obtained a final offer from your current mortgage holder.

Even if you’ve signed with your bank, we can still negotiate for you.

We will work directly with your mortgage representative, explain what we can obtain on the mortgage market, and see if they will match (or beat) our lowest rate. If they refuse to negotiate, we will obtain a better mortgage, at no cost to you. We will only get paid if we get you a better deal.

We want to save you money and ensure that lenders are treating you fairly.

Let The Mortgage Centre specialists show you how!

Still have questions?

Want to get started?

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