The Mortgage Centre KW can help with closing complications arising from the market cool down


The Mortgage Centre in Kitchener Waterloo, has assisted with a couple of clients who have been caught in the market turndown.

They had not sold their home and purchased firm on another, however, did not qualify to cover both mortgages.

Through our company, Tristar Funding Corporation, we were able to offer a temporary Private Mortgage until their property sold.

While the majority of our mortgages are AAA rated through Banks and other Financial Institutions, we do have the ability to fund non-qualified Bank and Private mortgages with our Mortgage Broker Channel.   Usually, this is a temporary fix for a qualifying issue such as income and / or impaired credit.

Bank turndowns, low credit or beacon score, self employed issues and debt consolidation are a few of the reasons you may want to contact us.

Should you have a need for this service, please contact anytime at 519-743-4365 for a free no obligation quote.

For more information on what’s happening in the market, check out this article >>


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