Consumer Alert: Mortgage Penalties

This is not a CIBC exclusive, all Retail Banks have a similar clause. 

Dealing direct with a Retail Bank can be convenient, just ensure you are aware of all costs.  

Investments, loans, secured lines, mortgages, chequing savings, Insurance, etc all under one roof has never been recommended as the best choice for consumers.  When the Bank’s customers start comparing their Retail Bank to  Kitchener Waterloo mortgage brokers, not only will a lower rate be realized but a much more consumer friendly mortgage.  The Mortgage Centre KW services Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding area with an exclusive Mortgage Free Sooner Plan tailored to our client’s needs.

Richard Kitts, AMP
President/Mortgage Broker | Tristar Funding Corporation o/a The Mortgage Centre
Licence Number: M08002010


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