CMHC’s 2013 Mortgage Consumer Survey & 2013 Broker Work Groups


CMHC’s 2013 Mortgage Consumer Survey & 2013 Broker Work Groups

2013 Mortgage Consumer Survey:

CMHC is pleased to release the key findings of its 2013 Mortgage Consumer Survey.  For over 10 years, this annual survey has provided quality information and insight to mortgage professionals on consumer behaviours, attitudes and expectations when acquiring, renewing or refinancing a mortgage.

Earlier this year, CMHC surveyed more than 2,951 recent mortgage consumers on-line. The 2013 survey focuses more precisely on the mortgage transaction as well as the lender/ broker client relationship.

This year, the survey highlights that:

  • Mortgage consumers use a variety of on-line tools and mobile apps when looking for a mortgage

  • Mortgage consumers undertake a range of  mortgage shopping activities and show confidence in their mortgage decision

  • The majority of mortgage consumers are satisfied with their mortgage professional and will likely use them in the future

  • Advice provided by mortgage professionals is valued by mortgage consumers and can help create new business opportunities

  • Post-transaction follow-up and client service greatly increase client satisfaction and lead to opportunities for repeat business and referrals

  • Most recent buyers feel they made well informed mortgage decisions, but for some there is room for improvement

  • Many mortgage consumers anticipate relatively big ticket home improvements which may create future business opportunities

For additional results, visit the 2013 Mortgage Consumer Survey.

2013 Broker Work Groups:

We are in the process of planning the 2013 Broker Work Groups, taking place this September and October.  Please keep an eye out for your invitation during the summer months!  In the meantime, I welcome any suggestions for specific topics or discussion items you would like to see at this year’s meetings.  Please feel free to email me.


Sam Carnovale,
Key Account Manager, Brokers

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