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A Pre-Approved Mortgage is a Free, No-Obligation service that lets you know before you go looking for your home or signing an offer to purchase, how much you can afford to borrow based on your qualification and personal credit rating. At The Mortgage Centre, we'll arrange for you the most competitive rates with longest rate guarantee period that go up to 120 days - if rates go higher, your rate will not be affected, and if rates go lower, you get the lower rate. This free protection is solely responsible for savings thousands of dollars for many of our clients who obtained a pre-approval.

Too often in the past, the mortgage was left to the very end, but by simply calling us at 519-743-4365, things just got very simple. We can take care of this important process within hours. Once you are Pre-Approved, you can confidently negotiate an offer on a home. A seller also prefers to negotiate an offer of a purchaser who has been pre-approved. With more lenders, lower rates, and no-cost, no-obligation, make The Mortgage Centre your choice for your pre-approval.